Tuesday, 26 April 2011

She Smells the Dead by E.J Stevens

Author: E.J Stevens
Title: She Smells the Dead 
Publisher: Sacred Oaks Press
Pages: 163
Series: Spirt Guide #1
Rating: 4 stars 

Summary (Goodreads): 
It's the beginning of senior year and Yuki's psychic awareness of ghostly spirits is threatening to ruin her life. Her ability to sense spirits of the dead isn't glamorous like on TV. SHE SMELLS THE DEAD. Yuki is being visited in her dreams and suspects that her friend Calvin is involved in something strange. Will Yuki be able to save the spirits and herself?

My Thoughts:
‘Yuki can smell dead people’, now that is something I haven’t read about before. In this mysterious and intriguing Y.A novel, Yuki is cool and unique girl, with a name to match. Calvin is her best friend, who can quirk one eyebrow up (*heart skips a beat*) and who has secrets of his own. Then there is Emma, who I loved, she’s Yuki’s friend, witty, a vegan and believes in animal rights. The book is fast paced and is filled with romance, mystery and great, quirky characters. E.J Stevens style of writing flows well and keeps you hooked. It all ends on a cliffhanger and I can’t wait to read the next installment. Definitely recommend it to you if you enjoy paranormal novels with some romance thrown in! 

Thanks to E.J Stevens for providing a copy of this novel. 
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  1. Nice review. I don't think I've read a book where the character "can smell the dead." Interesting concept.

  2. I would read this in October. I just noticed that this was a pretty short review. (;

    The cover looks great though, and this book would be a nice break from reading more difficult novels.


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